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Blacklunglogocan Copy

Eagle 🦅 Fang

Irish Red Ale

Our 4.8% irish red with Ariana and Amarillo hops!

Galaxie503 Can Onlya


7.5% abv, 8 ibu Maltshake DIPA

Black Lung Brewing
Hazy, thick, double ipa with Galaxy, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin hops and vanilla
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Candy Factory: Guava Granate

7% abv, 5 ibu

Hazy Sour IPA with loads of pink guava and pomegranate!  Citra, ekuanot and lotus hop’d! $4/6/8/28

Sickimorr Sabro
Black Lung Brewing Co.
NEIPA exploding with sweet citrus, pineapple and floral flavors from cryo Mosaic and Sabro hops, 5% and crushable!
Hopservation Belma

Hopservation: Belma


6.5% old school neipa with Belma, Eldorado and Enigma hops, super fruity, with fruity aroma!  Light bitterness.

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Pedestrian Cider
Eris Cidery & Brewery, Chicago, IL
5.6% abv// 0 ibu 
Modern dry cider blended for everyone. Crisp, fresh, and pleasantly tart like a glass of Granny Smith.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Maxx Headroom
Black Lung Brewing
our 11.5% imperial chocolate stout aged one year in double bourbon barrels
Blacklunglogocan Copy

Candy Factory: Raspberry


7% abv, 5 ibu

citra hopped hazy sour ipa with loads of raspberry!

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Things We Don’t Say IPA
Collaboration with Hope For The Day

6% abv, 4 ibu

Brewed in collaboration with over 160 breweries internationally to help bring awareness to mental health and stop the stigma around the conversation.


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No Talent A$$ Clown

8.4% abv, 33 ibu

Our chocolate sea salt stout with razzberry and on nitro!! $3/5/8

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p H i z z y : b l a c k c h e r r y

5% abv, 0 ibu

hard seltzer with black cherry 

Very light and refreshing hard Seltzer made for metal headZ 🤘

gluten reduced and only 94 cal

Bravusbrewingipa 6pack 250x

Bravus Brewing Co.

Non-Alchoholic IPA

Packed full of Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade and Columbus hops, our IPA has a mild bitterness with hints of citrus and a subtle malt backbone. This make it more approachable for those that may not normally drink IPAs.