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Haunted Hurst

Hazy Pale Ale

Hazy Pale Ale w/ Strata, Calypso & Citra
A slight aroma of green apple and heavy citrus with a sweet body backed by a light maltiness! We brewed this one in collaboration with our friends at the Lindenhurst Park District in Lindenhurst, IL! The ladies love hazy IPA! They wanted a touch of apple for October so we used some calypso hops and pared them with awesome strata and citra for a balanced citrus flavor. So, we know the art work is a stretch, that’s a Hearse, not a Hurst, but it’s Halloween, so;) This beer was brewed to honor the awesome work done by the LINDENHURST PARK DISTRICT! They have amazing events all year culminating in an epic Halloween Haunted Trail in Lindenhurst. So, Haunted Hurst! Great job to all the folks at the Park District, enjoy your brew:)
We really love your events and what you do for the community!

Alc. by vol. – 5.1% | Bitterness – 23 IBUs beer
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