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Can 13 Notalent No Shadow
Can 12.1 Galaxie503 No Shadow


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Beer grounded in tradition, inspired by enthusiasm!
Stars Fill My Dreams 072520 Final
Stars Fill My Dream Double IPA

Maltshake Series - Double India Pale Ale - Cashmere - Mosaic Hops - Ale fermented with black currents, blackberries, and vanilla beans

Candy Factory Peachlassi 072520 Final
Candy Factory Peach Lassi - Sour Ale with Peach

A story about a trip to the candy factory to try all the delicious sour candies. Oh yum.
Honey, Vanilla, Spices & Mill Sugar - Citra Summit Azacca Hops

Fruitopious Rubble Hazy Maltshake Double Ipa
Fruitopious Rubble Hazy Maltshake Double IPA

Formerly part of our street series, this beer was called Westmoreland Ave. Our friends like it and said, "Man, this smells like that fruity cereal!" Yes it does. A new name was born!

Galaxie 503 Maltshake Hazy Double Ipa
Galaxie:503 Maltshake Hazy Double IPA

After an evening of joyriding with your buddy in his 1963 Galaxie, he confides in you that the car is not exactly his! Do you jump out and run? Or help him ditch it? Either way it's a Code: 503! Better get home and have a Galaxy hop'd hazy maltshake IPA brewed with real vanilla beans after that night!

Mr Willy Sub For A Day Maltshake Hazy Ipa
Mr. Willy Sub for a Day Maltshake Hazy IPA

Grandpa used to say, "Back in my day in Southeast Kentucky we didn't get to go to school as often because we worked." He in face said he only went to school one day in his life and the teacher wasn't there! So he had to teach!

We don't anticipate any tests on this brew, but it is our first beer in production! Just like Grandpa rose to the occasion on his first day of school, we aim for you to enjoy our first go with this brew! So we naturally stacked it with some awesomely fruity strata and cashmere hops, plus Madagascar vamilla beans. We think you'll like it! Prost!

Ullman Reunion Aljan 070317
Orange Bandit Hazy Double IPA

Dedicated to the Grayslake Mustang League WS Champs, The Orange Bandits!

Razzberry No Talent A$$ Clown Chocolate Sea Salt Stout With Raspberry
Razzberry No Talent A$$ Clown

Chocolate Sea-salt Stout with Raspberry

Sickimorr Timbre Hazy Session Ipa
Sickimorr Timbre Hazy Session IPA

Way down yonder in the Sickimorr Timbre, there's a beer with fruityness, pineyness and a little dank. You've found that beer. Prost!

Unintended Movement Hazy Ipa
Unintended Movement Hazy IPA

In the elevator biz, there is an unintended movement test to make sure the car is safe. You may do some unintended movements after a few of these fruity, hazy brews!

Wauk Town
Wauk Town Pilz German Pilsner

Brewed in a city we affectionately called "Wauk-town" as kids. A blue-collar hoppy pilz from a hard working city. #explorewaukegan

Your What Hurts Imperial Coffee Stout
Your What Hurts Imperial Coffee Stout

Used when someone is heavy with whining and ranting on and on about some complaint. Tell them, "your what hurts" and it basically means shut up and stop whining. Your What Hurts is for the hard working sould that works theirself to the bone with no complaints. Brewed with Chinook and Willamette hops, it has a slight bitterness that is complimented by fresh roasted coffee and chocolaty flavor of the chocolate and black malts. Prost!

Ullman Reunion Aljan 070317
Curbcheck Hazy Carrot Cake IPA

Grandpa used to hit the curb once n' awhile in his big pick-up. I would say, "WTH Grandpa?" His response, "What good is a truck if you can't check a few curbs?" Indeed Sir! We hit the curb here and smashed together some fruity and spicy hops with real carrots, spices, and Madagascar vanilla beans! All to blend 2 of life's finer things, IPA and Carrot Cake. Prost!

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John Q
This is good. I believe it’s my first beer from Black Lung as well. Hope to try more from them in the future.
John Q
Viral M
Absolutely delicious! Really smooth and creamy with a nice crispy bite at the end! Wow!
Viral M
Brett S
Wow really enjoyed this. Drinks well outside with the nice weather.
Brett S


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